Li, Yinqing

PI,IDG/McGovern Institute, Tsinghua University
PI,School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tsinghua University

[Research Focus]

Yinqing Li has a longstanding interest in developing technologies for better diagnosis and management of complex diseases. In particular, his research focuses on methods for identifying key molecular and cell players in the development of diseases and methods for gene and cell editing. Specific approaches include: single cell multi-omics of epigenetics, transcriptome, and signaling pathway profiling, discovery of novel genome and epigenome editing tools, and statistical inference and machine learning algorithms for high throughput data mining and processing.

[Education & Experience]

2018-present   PI, IDG/McGovern Institute, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tsinghua University
2016-2018       Postdoctoral research in the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research
2008-2016       MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT
2004-2008       B.S. in Microelectronics from Fudan University, China

[Selected Publications]

  • Li Y*, Weiss R., A Modular Approach to Building Complex Synthetic Circuits. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2017. pp. 231–248, DOI:10.1007/978-1-4939-7223-4_17.
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