Fully Automatic Digital Slide Scanning System


Basic information

  • Model: Axio Scan.Z1
  • Manufacturer: Zeiss, Germany
  • How to apply for a service: Appointment


Instrument information and technical parameters

  • Fully automatic digital slide scanning system.
  • Motorized fluorescent light source HXP 120V.
  • The 10-position filter wheel contains the No. 38 (GFP), No. 43 (DsRed), No. 49 (DAPI), No. 50 (Cy5) and No. 64 (mPlum) filter sets.
  • Objective lens: Fluar 5x, Plan-Apochromat 10×, 20×, 40×.
  • Automatic sample loading compartments; the number of single-load slides is not less than 100, for 26 mm x 76 mm slides.
  • Hitachi HV F202 color 3CCD camera (for bright field imaging) and Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash 4. 0 monochrome high sensitivity sCMOS camera (for fluorescence imaging).


Instrument functions, characteristics and applications

  • High-quality, fast, high-throughput digital scanning and processing of tissue sections, simplifying the process of high-throughput screening, saving labor and time costs of experiments, and improving the efficiency and stability of batch experiments.
  • Fast imaging with a bright field scan area of ​​15 mm x 15 mm and a resolution of 0.22 um/pixel for less than 4 minutes.
  • High-throughput scanning with a single-load slide of no less than 100 sheets, additional sample loading could be applied continuously.
  • Tray-type sample holder design, leave great freedom for thickness and integrity of slides.
  • High efficient light path and shading correction system for non-stitching trace imaging of fluorescent samples.



  • Large-scale pathological tissue sections, HE, IHC and other staining results scan.
  • Whole-tissue multi-channel fluorescent protein, immunofluorescent-labeled section scans.
  • Rare event searching.
  • Whole brain-scale neuron tracking.