Sheng, Xing


PI, IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Tsinghua University

Associate Professor, Department of Electronic  Engineering,Tsinghua University

Office: Rohm Building 711, Tsinghua University

Phone: 6278 2515

Email: xingsheng (at)

         Group Website:





[Research Focus]

We investigate novel materials, devices and systems to develop advanced brain-machine interfaces, to realize optical, electrical and chemical interactions with neural systems.

We welcome Ph.D. and postdoctoral candidates with backgrounds and interests in the area of electronics, optics, materials science and physics to join our team.

[Education & Experience]                           

2019-present     Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, IDG/McGovern Institute, Tsinghua University
2012-2015         Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2007-2012         Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2003-2007         B.Eng., Tsinghua University


[Selected Publications]                           

  • C. Liu, Y. Zhao, X. Cai, Y. Xie, T. Wang, D. Cheng, L. Li, R. Li, Y. Deng, H. Ding, G. Lv, G. Zhao, L. Liu, G. Zou, M. Feng, Q. Sun, L. Yin, X. Sheng*, “A Wireless, Implantable Optoelectrochemical Probe for Optogenetic Stimulation and Dopamine Detection”, Microsystems & Nanoengineering 6, 64 (2020) (Front Cover).
  • H. Ding#, L. Lu#, Z. Shi, D. Wang, L. Li, X. Li, Y. Ren, C. Liu, D. Cheng, H. Kim, N. C. Giebink, X. Wang, L. Yin, L. Zhao, M. Luo, X. Sheng*, “Microscale Optoelectronic Infrared-to-Visible Upconversion Devices and Their Use as Injectable Light Sources”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 115, 6632–6637 (2018).
  •  R. Fu#, W. Luo#, R. Nazempour#, D. Tan, H. Ding, K. Zhang, L. Yin, J. Guan*, X. Sheng*, “Implantable and Biodegradable Poly(L-lactic acid) Fibers for Optical Neural Interfaces”, Advanced Optical Materials 6, 1700941 (2018).
  •  L. Lu#, P. Gutruf#, L. Xia#, D. Bhatti, X. Wang, A. Vazquez-Guardado, X. Ning, X. Shen, T. Sang, R. Ma, G. Pakeltis, G. Sobczak, H. Zhang, D. Seo, M. Xue, L. Yin, D. Chanda, X. Sheng*, M. Bruchas*, J. A. Rogers*, “Wireless Optoelectronic Photometers for Monitoring Neuronal Dynamics in the Deep Brain”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 115, E1374–E1383 (2018).
  •  H. Xu#, L. Yin#, C. Liu, X. Sheng*, N. Zhao*, “Recent Advances in Biointegrated Optoelectronic Devices”, Advanced Materials 30, 1800156 (2018) (Invited).
  • Z. Shi, L. Li, Y. Zhao, R. Fu, X. Sheng*, “Implantable Optoelectronic Devices and Systems for Biomedical Application”, 中国激光 (Chinese Journal of Lasers) 45, 0207001 (2018) (In Chinese) (Invited) (Front Cover).