Zhang, Bo

Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology
PI,IDG/McGovern Institute, Tsinghua University
Academician of CAS


[Research Interests]

Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

Research outputs of mine and the group I lead majorly fall into the following three fields:

In Artificial Intelligence, collaborating with Professor Ling Zhang, I have proposed a problem solving theory based on quotient space, which has been successfully applied to areas such as heuristic search, fuzzy analysis and reasoning, and robotic task and motion planning. Based on this theory, we have extended our research and presented several new algorithms for multi-granular computing and hierarchical problem solving, which are proven to be effective in reducing computational complexities.

In Artificial Neural Networks, we have quantitatively analyzed the behavior and characteristics of probabilistic logic neuron (PLN) networks, and presented a programming-based learning algorithm of neural networks with feedback connections and a structural learning algorithm of feed-forward neural networks. Compared with traditional search-based algorithms, our new learning algorithms not only have a solid theoretical basis, but also provide immediate support to designing the structure of neural networks.

In Machine Learning, we have investigated the structural prediction learning theory and its applications, and presented a new learning algorithm-Maximum Entropy Discrimination Markov Networks, which has been applied to tasks of mining web pages' structure, and image retrieval and classification.

[Education & Experiences]

Dr. Bo Zhang graduated from the automatic control department of Tsinghua University in 1958, and has been teaching in Tsinghua University since the same year. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois from February 1980 to February 1982. In 2011, the University of Hamburg awarded honorary doctor of natural science. He used to be the deputy director of the university degree committee, and is now the technical consultant of Microsoft Research Asia.

[Selected Publications]

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