Leica VT1200 S Vibrating Blade Microtome


Basic Information

  • Model: Leica VT1200 S
  • Manufacturer:Leica,Germany


Instrument application

Fully automatic Leica VT1200 S vibrating microtome can be used for fresh tissue or fixed tissue slices in neuroscience.


General technical parameters

  • Slice frequency:85Hz
  • Amplitude:0-3mm,with an increase of 0.05mm
  • Slicing speed(±10%):0.01-1.5mm/s
  • Return speed(±10%):1.0-5mm/s,with an increase of 0. 5mm/s
  • The total vertical stroke of the sample: 20mm
  • Slice range: 45mm
  • Slice window: 0.5mm-45mm
  • Sample retraction: 0-100μm (can be adjusted and closed)
  • Maximum sample size:
  1. With standard tool holder- 33x50mm;
  2. Sample positioning can rotate 360°;
  3. The sample holder can be rotated-0-10°.
  • Slice thickness setting:
  1. Manual control- with an increase of 1μm;
  2. Automatic-with a maximum thickness of 1000μm.