IDG-Single Cell Platform


Our platform, powered by Next GEM technology, enables integrated analysis of single cells at massive scale. This technology is able to generate tens of thousands of single cell partitions, containing an identifying barcode for downstream analysis in a matter of minutes. Our service now is including Single Cell Gene Expression, Single Cell ATAC and Single Cell Multiome ATAC+ Gene Expression.



IDG-Single Cell Platform, powered by Next GEM technology, is able to capture and resolve cellular heterogeneity in a matter of minutes. The Chromium Controller uses advanced microfluidics to perform single cell partitioning and barcoding at massive scale.

We first need good quality cell or nuclei suspension and then run the Chromium Controller for sample partitioning and barcoding. Next we will follow the workflow for library construction and then let the deliver take away for sequencing.


Working Flow

Key Points To Consider

  • Cells should be in a single cell suspension which meets the needs that cell stock concentration is between 700-1200 cells per ul and cell viability is more than 85%.
  • Keep cells on ice at all times.
  • Treat cells gently (e.g. use wide-bore pipette tip during cell handling).
  • Keep sample preparation time to a minimum and if the gap between two samples is more than one hour then we have to run the controller separately.
  • Wash cells with PBS + 0.04% BSA to remove contaminants such as ambient RNA and unwanted buffer components.