Leica CM3050 S Cryostat


Basic Information

Leica 3050 S, manufactured by Leica, Germany


Instrument Functions

Leica 3050 S freezing microtome is used for freeze tissue sections.


Instrument Components

  • Refrigeration box: Refrigeration, insulation and slicing operation
  • Refrigeration compressor: Refrigeration
  • Sampling system: Sample injection before slicing the frozen sample
  • Tool rest: Installing and fixing the blade
  • Tool rest base: Fixing the tool rest
  • Cutting tools: Slicing the frozen sample


Basic Working Principle of System

The refrigeration compressor accurately controls the low temperature in the freezer. The sample head of the slicer moves forward and backward by the precision sampling systems. And it wings vertically downward by the rotation of the hand wheel and approaches the blade according to the sampling distance set by the user, so as to cut off the thin slice.


Main Technical Parameters

  • Anti-splash design.
  • Dual compressors, independent compressors to refrigerate the sample head, so as to the more accurate temperature control.
  1. Refrigeration temperature of sample head: -10℃ ~ -50℃
  2. Refrigerator and sample head with manual defrost function
  3. Refrigeration temperature of refrigeration box: 0℃ ~ -40℃
  4. Automatic defrost function: every 24 hours; duration: 6-12 minutes
  5. Freezing site of quick-freezing rack: 10
  6. The lowest refrigeration temperature of quick-frozen rack: -43℃
  7. Electric slicing function: Ensure the quality of slicing and relieve the fatigue of users for working long time.
  • Electric slicing with the function of hand wheel center makes slicing safer.
  1. Adjustable window cutting
  2. Slicing mode: including single, step and continuous section
  3. Thickness range of repair block: 5-150um
  4. Section thickness range: 0.5-300um
  5. Horizontal injection distance: 25mm
  6. Vertical stroke: 59mm