ACD HybEZTM II Hybridization System


Basic Information

  • Model:ACD HybEZTM II Hybridization System
  • Manufacturer:Leica,Germany


Instrument Application

The ACD HybEZTM II Hybridization System is a new generation, evaporation controlled incubator designed to conduct the hybridization and incubation steps in Advanced Cell Diagnostic’s proprietary RNAscope® and BaseScopeTM assays. The HybEZTM II Humidity Control Tray, EZ-BatchTM Slide Holder, and EZ-BatchTM Wash Tray included in the system allow batches of slides to be processed at the same time. The ACD HybEZTM II Hybridization System is compatible with other hybridization based assays or any assay step where a condition of high humidity with an elevated temperature is required.


Instrument Components

  • HybEZTM II Oven (110 VAC, Cat. No. 321719; 220 VAC, Cat. No. 321720)
  • HybEZTM Humidity Control Tray with lid (Cat. No. 310012)
  • EZ-BatchTM Slide Holder (Cat. No. 310017)
  • EZ-BatchTM Wash Tray (Cat. No. 310019)
  • Two sheets of HybEZTM Humidifying Paper (Cat. No. 310025)


The system can hold up to twenty standard microscope slides on the slide rack. The unit has an advanced microprocessor temperature controller that provides stable and accurate chamber temperatures from ambient plus 10 ̊C to 75 ̊C. The unit uses a sealed tray to create a lasting humid environment for overnight runs or weekend runs, depending on the operating temperature.

Main Technical Parameters

  • Temperature Range: (ambient +10 ̊C) to 75 ̊C
  • Setting Range: 20 ̊C to 75 ̊C
  • Stability: ±0.5 ̊C
  • Overall Accuracy: ±0.5 ̊C at 40 ̊C
  • Temperature Display Resolution: 0.1 ̊C
  • Alarms: Yes in cases of temperature deviation, step complete, or program complete
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Supply Voltage Range: 115 V +/— 10%, 50/60 Hz;230 V +/— 10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Rating: 155 W
  • Heating Rate: Ambient to 40 ̊C within 20 minutes
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 11.00” x 15.96” x 8.09”
  • Weight: 21.00 lbs
  • Safety and Electrical Certification: UL, CE, and CSA