Hypothalamic control of innate social behaviors


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Time: 10:30-12:00 on Tue., June. 1, 2021

Venue: E109, Biomedicine Hall

Speaker: Dr. Xiaohong Xu

Host: Dr. Kun Li

Title:Hypothalamic control of innate social behaviors


Many complex behaviors that do not require learning are displayed and are termed innate. Although traditionally the subject matter of ethology, innate behaviors offer a unique entry point for neuroscientists to dissect the physiological mechanisms governing complex behaviors. Since the last century, converging evidence has implicated the hypothalamus as the central brain area that controls innate behaviors. Recent studies using cutting-edge tools have revealed that genetically-defined populations of neurons residing in distinct hypothalamic nuclei and their associated neural pathways regulate the initiation and maintenance of diverse behaviors including mating, aggression, and parental care. In this talk, I will first briefly review the hierarchical control of behaviors and the corresponding hierarchical organization of the brain structures. Then I will discuss several recent work from our lab that focuses on the role of different sub-populations of hypothalamic neurons in the control of male sexual behaviors in mice.