Zengcai Guo's group published 'Sparse imaging and reconstruction tomography for high-speed high-resolution whole-brain imaging' in Cell Reports Methods



Understanding brain functions requires detailed knowledge of long-range connectivity through which different areas communicate. A key step toward illuminating the long-range structures is to image the whole brain at synaptic resolution to trace axonal arbors of individual neurons to their termini. However, high-resolution brain-wide imaging requires continuous imaging for many days to sample over 10 trillion voxels, even in the mouse brain. Here, we have developed a sparse imaging and reconstruction tomography (SMART) system that allows brain-wide imaging of cortical projection neurons at synaptic resolution in about 20 h, an order of magnitude faster than previous methods. Analyses of morphological features reveal that single cortical neurons show remarkable diversity in local and long-range projections, with prefrontal, premotor, and visual neurons having distinct distribution of dendritic and axonal features. The fast imaging system and diverse projection patterns of individual neurons highlight the importance of high-resolution brain-wide imaging in revealing full neuronal morphology.


Paper Link:https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2667237521001442