Restoration and augmentation of visual and motor functions


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Time: 14:00-15:30 on Thu., Sept 28 2021

Venue: E109, Biomedicine Hall

Speaker: Dr. Jiayi Zhang

Host: Dr. Xing Sheng

Title: Restoration and augmentation of visual and motor functions


The restoration of light response with complex spatiotemporal features in retinal degenerative diseases towards retinal prosthesis has proven to be a considerable challenge over the past decades. Herein, inspired by the structure and function of photoreceptors in retinas, we developed artificial photoreceptors based on gold nanoparticle-decorated titania (Au-TiO2) nanowire arrays, for restoration of visual responses in the blind mice and visually-impaired monkey with degenerated photoreceptors. We also developed an implantable multisite optogenetic stimulation device (MOSD) based on shape-memory polymer. Our work opens up the possibility for multisite nerve bundle stimulation to induce highly-selective activations of limb muscles, which could inspire further applications in neurosurgery and neuroscience research.



张嘉漪(Jiayi Zhang),1999年江苏省苏州中学毕业,2003年毕业于香港浸会大学。2009年在美国布朗大学获物理学博士学位。2009-2011年在美国耶鲁大学神经生物学系进行博士后研究。2012年起担任复旦大学脑科学研究院青年研究员、研究员。现任医学神经生物学国家重点实验室副主任、中国生理学会青年委员会副主任委员和中国神经科学学会感觉与运动分会副主任委员。

发挥交叉学科背景优势,围绕修复神经系统功能的主题,发挥材料和器件的特性,开发了新一代纳米线人工光感受器,实现了视网膜光感受器退化后光感的修复;构建了多点光遗传刺激器件,加快脑损伤后上肢偏瘫的恢复;建立了视觉脑电控制的“变色龙”系统,在军事和日常生活中有广泛的应用价值。近5年以通讯(含共同)作者在Advanced Materials、Nature Communications(3篇)等发表论文11篇,篇均影响因子11,被Nature Nanotechnology等杂志引用570余次,Nature Asia亮点介绍。申请专利(含PCT)5项。