A Multi-model System to Study Molecular Neurodegeneration



时间: 9:00-10:00 on Tues.,June.28, 2022

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主讲人: 张轲教授

主持人: 时松海教授

题目:  A Multi-model System to Study Molecular Neurodegeneration



Neurodegenerative diseases are a group of age-related, fatal, and currently incurable and unpreventable diseases. A major challenge in therapeutic development for these diseases is an incomplete understanding of the pathogenic mechanism. We use a combination of model systems, including Drosophila, neurons derived from patient-induced pluripotent stem cells, and human cell lines, to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying pathogenesis. Particularly, we focus on how stress granules, RNA/protein granules assembled when cells are under stress, contribute to disease pathogenesis and whether they can be therapeutic targets. In addition, we also use human multi-omic analyses to identify novel targets.