Student Seminar on Oct 25, 2022



  Time 12:00-13:00, Oct 25, 2022
  Venue E203, Biomedicine Hall, Tsinghua University
  Speaker Chi Liu (刘驰)
  Topic Simultaneously optical recording and manipulating neural activities across layers and regions in neuron system in vivo
  Abstract  The integration and coordination of multiple brain regions are significant mechanisms of information processing. We propose across-plane all-optical physiology, to simultaneously record and manipulate neural activities at different depths spanning from 0 μm to 620 μm, based on two-photon fluorescence imaging and two-photon optogenetics. We demonstrate the application of across-plane all-optical physiology in deciphering neural circuits in cortical columns and in hippocampus layers in vivo. Across-plane all-optical physiology opens the window of all-optical interrogation of neural circuits across brain regions, promising for the study of long-range functional connectivity.