Xi Qiaoran's and Yi Lin's groups published 'Recruitment of TRIM33 to cell-context specific PML nuclear bodies regulates nodal signaling in mESCs' in The EMBO Journal



TRIM33 is a chromatin reader required for mammalian mesendoderm differentiation after activation of Nodal signaling, while its role in mESCs is still elusive. Here, we report that TRIM33 co-localizes with promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies (PML-NBs) specifically in mESCs, to mediate Nodal signaling-directed transcription of Lefty1/2. We show that TRIM33 puncta formation in mESCs depends on PML and on specific assembly of PML-NBs. Moreover, TRIM33 and PML co-regulate Lefty1/2 expression in mESCs, with both PML protein and formation of mESCs-specific PML-NBs being required for TRIM33 recruitment to these loci, and PML-NBs directly associating with the Lefty1/2 loci. Finally, a TurboID proximity-labeling experiment confirmed that TRIM33 is highly enriched only in mESCs-specific PML-NBs. Thus, our study supports a model in which TRIM33 condensates regulate Nodal signaling-directed transcription in mESCs and shows that PML-NBs can recruit distinct sets of client proteins in a cell-context-dependent manner.


Paper Link:http://doi.org/10.15252/embj.2022112058