Dynamic brain-wide activity supporting working memory



Time: 14:00-15:30 on Tue.,Oct.10, 2023

Venue:E109,Biomedicine Hall

Speaker: Dr.Chengyu Li

Host: Dr.Zengcai Guo

Title: Dynamic brain-wide activity supporting working memory




Working memory is a critical process of the brain to maintain and manipulate information over a delay period of seconds. Brain-wide circuitry mechanisms underlying working memory remain elusive. We studied head-fixed mice performing olfactory working memory tasks to tackle this question. Single-unit recordings in many regions of the mouse brain revealed information-maintenance ability in the neurons of many regions, with mostly transient coding ability for memory. Correlation analysis revealed hierarchical organization and replay of brain-wide dynamic motifs associated with working memory. We also trying to examine such principles in the macaque brain. Such distributed, replayed, and hierarchically organized activity motifs may inspire new theories and algorithms for better understanding and design of intelligence. 



李澄宇,博士,博士生导师,临港实验室高级研究员,担任中国神经科学学会理事,中国电子学会智能人机交互专委会委员。国家杰出青年科学基金获得者,万人计划科技创新领军人才,国家中青年科技创新领军人才,入选中科院“百人计划”。推动猕猴脑图谱规划,组织脑智中心与华大生命科学研究院、临港实验室、上海脑中心、腾讯AI实验室等单位组成攻关团队,绘制了猕猴单细胞分辨率全皮细胞分型与空间转录组图谱(Cell,2023)。应用光遗传、电生理等技术,解析了工作记忆的神经机制(Science, 2014; eLife, 2019; Neuron, 2020; NeuroImage, 2019)。与国家纳米中心方英研究员、及中科院脑智卓越创新中心赵郑拓研究员合作研发了新型脑机接口器件与系统(Science Advances, 2019; Advanced Science, in press)。